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Course Title: Florida Barber's 2 HR HIV/AIDS
Approved Course Number: 300050
Education Type: Continuing Education
Credit Hours: 2
State: Florida
Price: $12.95
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Florida Barber's 2 HR HIV/AIDS

This course is designed for anyone applying for their Florida Barber or Restricted Barber license; or for anyone renewing their Florida Barber or Restricted Barber license. Florida Barber and Restricted Barber licenses expire every 2 years and you must complete 2-hours of continuing education on HIV/AIDS in order to be able to renew your license.

Our course meets all of the requirement set by the Florida Barber’s board and is easy and convenient to complete. Simply register for our course and complete the material anywhere that is convenient for you. You will get unlimited attempts to pass the quiz at the end of the course.

After completing the course, you will be able to email yourself your certificate of completion, which you can then print and send in to the board. For those renewing their license, we will report back to the state that you have completed your continuing education.

The topics covered in this course include:
HIV/AIDS basic info
Understanding how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how it can be prevented
Testing and available treatments for HIV
The stigma surrounding HIV
How to appropriately treat someone who is HIV-positive
Infection control procedures

Florida Barber's 2 HR HIV/AIDS class is a class of Anytime Certification LLC. AnytimeCertification.com is approved to offer continuing education courses by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Anytime Certification LLC maintains responsibility for the courses.

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1. Is your course approved by the Florida DBPR Barber's Board for the initial HIV/AIDS course and renewal HIV/AIDS course?

Yes, we are an approved provider for both the initial and renewal HIV/AIDS course. Our provider license number is PVD101, our provider number is 0007378, and our approved course number is 0300050.

2. How do I renew my barbers license?

In order to renew your Barber or Restriced Barber license, you must take a 2-hour continuing education course on HIV/AIDS as well as apply for your license to be renewed by DBPR before your license has expired. You can apply for your license to be renewed on the DBPR MyFloridaLicense website here.

3. If I am taking this class for my barber's license renewal will you report that I have completed my continuing education to the Florida DBPR?

Yes, as approved providers, we will always report the completion of your continuing education hours to DPBR.

4. Will you provide me with a certificate of completion for this course?

Yes, as soon as you have completed our course, you will be able to view and email yourself a copy of your certificate of completion. If you are applying for your license, you can then print this out to send in with your completed application for licensure.

5. How do I apply for my Barber or Restricted Barber license?

In order to obtain your Florida Barber or Restricted Barber license type you must take a 2 HR HIV/AIDS course and submit an application along with a fee to the Florida Barber's Board.

The applications and specific requirements can be found on the DBPR website here.

6. Do I need to retain a copy of my certificate of completion?

It is always best to retain a copy of your certficate of completion for your records at least until the renewal cycle.

For more information about barbers in Florida, please visit the DBPR MyFloridaLicense website here.