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Course Title: Oklahoma 6 HR Electrical 2014 NEC
Approved Course Number: 12183-E
Credit Hours: 6
State: Oklahoma
Price: $29.95
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Oklahoma 6 HR Electrical 2014 NEC

This class is designed for electrical tradesman licensed in the state of Oklahoma who need to renew their license. Electrical tradesman licenses expire every 3 years and require 6 hours of continuing education in order to be renewed.

After completing the course, we will report back to the state that you have completed your continuing education requirement as well as give you a certificate of completion for your records.

The modules included in this course are:
NEC 2014 Changes (6HR)

Oklahoma Electrical CE 6 Hour Renewal is a class of Anytime Certification LLC. Anytime Certification maintains responsibility for the courses.

Oklahoma CE



1. Is your course approved by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board for continuing education?

Yes, we are an approved provider of continuing education for electricians. Our approved course number is 12183-E.

2. How do I renew my electrical contractor license?

In order to renew your electrician license, you must take a 6-hour continuing education course as well as apply for your license to be renewed. You may take the continuing education at any point during the 3 year term of your license.

You can apply for your license to be renewed on the Oklahoma CIB website here.

3. Will you report that I have completed my continuing education to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board?

Yes, as approved providers, we will always report the completion of your continuing education hours to Oklahoma CIB.

4. Do I need to retain a copy of my certificate of completion?

It is always best to retain a copy of your certificate of completion for your records at least until the next renewal cycle.

5. Can I have more information about your class?

Our class is a timed 6-hour class which covers some of the major changes that were made in the NEC 2014 update. Our class is divided into 6 one-hour modules, with each module having a 5-question quiz at the end. You must score at least a 80%, and you will be given unlimited attempts to pass each quiz.

For more information about electricians in Oklahoma, please visit the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website here.