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Virginia Electrician License Renewal


Virginia Electrician License Renewal

Are you a licensed electrician in the great state of Virginia? Congratulations on being part of a profession that values skill and expertise. Renewing your license is a breeze here, but don't let simplicity lead to oversight – keeping your certification up-to-date is crucial.

Why Renewal Matters

In Virginia, tradesman certification/license renewal is a straightforward process, occurring every two years. Missing the renewal deadline comes with consequences – even with a 30-day grace period, your license or certificate is technically expired during this time, making it illegal for you to work. Beyond the grace period, reapplication involves meeting current eligibility requirements, paying a reinstatement fee, and passing a required exam.

When to Renew

Renewal is required before your license expires, which is two years from the last day of the month it was issued. Mark your calendar and ensure the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) receives your renewal information before your card expires.

How to Renew

While you're expected to receive a renewal form, don't wait for it. If your address has changed, update it using the DPOR Online Services portal. Renewing online is convenient and quick, but before you can do that, complete the required continuing education.

Continuing Education Requirements

Since 2008, Virginia electricians need to complete 3 hours of continuing education before renewing. The good news? You can do it online at your convenience. Choose a DPOR-approved provider from their list and complete your hours stress-free.

Ensure your chosen provider reports your completed hours to the DPOR, streamlining the renewal process.

Submitting the Renewal Fee

The renewal fee is $90 for all tradesman licenses and certifications. Ensure the DPOR receives your fee before your license expires. You can pay via check or use the DPOR renewal payment page for added convenience.

Stay Current, Stay Certified

Renewing your Virginia electrician license is easy with online options and a minimal continuing education requirement. Mark your calendar, complete your hours, submit your fee, and stay current in your profession.

This class is designed for electrical tradesmen licensed in the state of Virginia who need to renew their license. Electrical tradesman licenses expire every 2 years and require 3 hours of continuing education in order to be renewed. Our course meets all of the requirements set by the Virginia Board of Contractors and is easy and convenient to complete. Simply register for the course and complete it anywhere that is convenient for you. You will get unlimited attempts to pass the quiz at the end of the course.

After completing the course, we will report back to the state that you have completed your continuing education requirement as well as give you a certificate of completion for your records.

The topics included in this course are:

  • NEC 2023 Changes (3HR)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is your course approved by the Virginia Board of Contractors for continuing education?

Yes, we are an approved provider for electrical contractor continuing education. Our provider license number is 2730000415 and our approved course number is 2731002945.

2. How do I renew my electrical contractor license?

In order to renew your electrical contractor license, you must take a 3-hour continuing education course as well as apply for your license to be renewed before your license has expired. You may take the continuing education at any point during the 2-year term of your license.

You can apply for your license to be renewed on the DPOR website HERE.

3. Will you report that I have completed my continuing education to the Virginia DPOR Board of Contractors?

Yes, as approved providers, we will always report the completion of your continuing education hours to DPOR Board of Contractors.

4. Do I need to retain a copy of my certificate of completion?

It is always best to retain a copy of your certificate of completion for your records at least until the next renewal cycle.

5. Can I have more information about your class?

Our class is a timed 3-hour class which covers some of the major changes that were made in the NEC 2014 update. The 3-hours includes the written material as well as a 10-question multiple choice test at the end of the course. You must score at least a 70%, and you will be given unlimited attempts to pass the test. Once you have purchased the class, you will have up to 6 months to complete.

6. I have both a journeyman electrical and master electrician licenses, do I need to complete 6 hours of continuing education?

No, you only need to complete three (3) hours of continuing education on the NEC in order to renew both licenses. Please make sure to include both of your license numbers when you start our class so that we can report both of your licenses correctly to the Board of Contractors.

For more information about electricians in Virginia, please visit the DPOR Board of Contractors website HERE.

The Anytime Certification Continuing Education Course focuses on the major changes from the 2020 NEC to the 2023 NEC as well as NFPA 70E Fire Safety and Texas Safety and Administrative Rules and Laws.
Managers - Bulk Purchases

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Virginia Electrician License Renewal

This course is designed for Apprentice Electricians , Apprentice Sign Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Sign Contractors, Electrician Apprenticeship Programs, Journeyman Electricians, Journeyman Sign Electricians, Maintenance Electricians, Master Electricians, Master Sign Electricians, and Residential Wiremen renewing their Texas license. This course will get you up-to-speed on the latest NEC changes. Electrical licenses expire every year after the date of certification.
DPOR Approved Course

Texas Electrician Continuing Education General Information

Texas Electrician Continuing Education refers to the mandatory educational courses and training programs that licensed electricians in Texas are required to complete to renew their licenses. These continuing education requirements are set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to ensure that electricians stay updated with industry standards, safety regulations, and best practices.

The key points regarding Texas Electrician Continuing Education are:

  • License Renewal Requirement: Licensed electricians in Texas are required to complete a specific number of hours of continuing education before they can renew their licenses.
  • Course Topics: Continuing education courses cover a wide range of topics relevant to the electrical trade, including changes in electrical codes, safety procedures, energy efficiency, and new technologies.
  • License Types: Different types of electrician licenses, such as Master Electrician, Journeyman Electrician, and others, have specific continuing education requirements.
  • Duration: Courses must be completed within the term of the license being renewed. The completion period is usually the year leading up to the license expiration date.
  • TDLR Approval: To meet the requirements, electricians must take courses from TDLR-approved providers. Courses from unapproved providers will not count toward the required hours for license renewal.
  • Certificate of Completion: After completing a course, electricians receive a certificate of completion as proof of their education. They need to retain this certificate for a specific period, typically one year after the date of completion.
  • Special Cases: Electrician apprentices and apprentices in specialized areas may have different requirements, and instructors who are licensed electricians can also earn continuing education hours.
  • Multiple License Holders: If an electrician holds multiple license types, they are usually required to complete a total of four hours of continuing education, but the courses must be taken during the period of the license being renewed.

It's important for electricians to be aware of these requirements and ensure they complete the necessary continuing education to maintain their licenses and stay current with industry standards and safety practices. Failure to meet these requirements can result in the inability to work under the license until renewal requirements, including continuing education, are met.

  • Master Electricians
  • Journeyman Electricians
  • Journeyman Linemen
  • Journeyman Industrial Electricians
  • Residential Wiremen
  • Maintenance Electricians
  • Master Sign Electricians
  • Journeyman Sign Electricians
  • Apprentice Electricians
  • Apprentice Sign Electricians

Electrician License Renewal in Texas

Electricians in Texas are required to renew their license annually to remain compliant with state regulations.

License renewal includes completing continuing education requirements and any other necessary renewal procedures before the license expiration date.

It's important for electricians to keep track of their license expiration dates and renew them in a timely manner to continue working under their licenses.

Continuing Education Requirements

Keeping Your License Up-to-Date

License Type Continuing Education Requirement
Master Electricians & Journeyman Electricians 4 hours of continuing education prior to each license renewal.
Journeyman Lineman & Journeyman Industrial Electrician 4 hours of continuing education before license renewal.
Residential Wireman & Maintenance Electricians 4 hours of continuing education for each license renewal.
Master Sign Electricians & Journeyman Sign Electricians 4 hours of continuing education prior to license renewal.
Apprentice Electricians & Apprentice Sign Electricians 4 hours of continuing education annually for license renewal.
Electrical Apprentices 4 hours of continuing education or enrollment in a department-registered apprenticeship training course.
Multiple License Holders Total of 4 hours of continuing education taken during the renewal period.

Note: Contractors and residential appliance installers are not required to complete continuing education.

Continuing education courses must be completed within the term of the license being renewed. For example, if a license expires on January 1, 2023, the continuing education courses taken to renew that license must have been taken between January 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023. Additionally, the courses must be from a registered Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) provider, as unapproved courses will not count toward the required hours for license renewal.

Transferring Electrician Continuing Education credits from another state to Texas typically depends on Texas state regulations and reciprocity agreements. Each state has its own licensing requirements and rules regarding Continuing Education credits. Texas may or may not accept Continuing Education credits earned in another state.

To find out if Texas accepts Continuing Education credits from another state, you should contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) or the relevant licensing authority. They can provide specific information on any reciprocity agreements or credit transfer policies that may be in place.

Keep in mind that regulations and policies may change over time, so it's important to check with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding the transfer of Continuing Education credits.

Failure to Complete Continuing Education Requirements

  • License Renewal Delays: Failing to fulfill your CE requirements by the specified deadline can lead to delays in the renewal of your electrician license. You may not be able to renew your license until you've completed the required CE hours.
  • Lapsed License: If you continue to operate with an expired or lapsed license, you could be in violation of state regulations, and this may result in penalties or disciplinary actions.
  • Fines and Penalties: The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) can impose fines and penalties for non-compliance with CE requirements. These fines can increase the longer you remain non-compliant.
  • Ineligibility to Conduct Business: Non-compliance with CE requirements can result in a suspension or even revocation of your electrician license, rendering you ineligible to conduct any electrician business in Texas.
  • Client Disputes: Failing to meet CE requirements may affect your professional credibility and may lead to disputes with clients who expect their electrician professionals to be well-informed and up-to-date on industry practices and regulations.

To avoid these negative consequences, it's essential to stay current with your CE requirements and complete the necessary CE hours within the specified time frame. Additionally, it's advisable to monitor CE deadlines and plan accordingly to ensure timely completion. If you encounter challenges or have questions regarding CE, it's a good practice to contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) or your education provider for guidance.

Anytime Certification

To register for an online continuing education course on anytimecertification.com, follow a few common steps:

  • Search for Courses: From coursesforcontiungeducation.com, navigate through the website to find the specific continuing education course you want to register for. You can browse by category to find the course you need.
  • Select the Course: Click on the course you're interested in to view more details. This is where you'll find information about the course content, requirements, duration, and pricing.
  • Register and Enroll: Look for a "Enroll Now," or "Sign Up" button on the course page. Click on it.
  • Create an Account: You'll be asked to create an account if you don't already have one. This will involve creating a username and a password.
  • Payment: At checkout you'll be prompted to make a payment with a credit cards.
  • Confirmation: After completing the registration and payment, you should receive a confirmation email with details about the course, including access instructions.
  • Access the Course: Log in to your account on the website to access the course materials and start your continuing education.

anytimecertification.com reports completed course hours to TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) after students complete the online course.

This means that upon successfully finishing your course on the website, we will report the hours to TDLR on your behalf, ensuring that you meet the necessary continuing education requirements for your electrician license.

However, it's always a good practice to keep track of your own records and verify with TDLR to ensure that they have received and correctly processed your course completion information. This can help you avoid any potential issues with your licensing status.

Anytime Certification is an approved provider for continuing education by TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) with a TDLR license number of 2266 and an approved Course # is 26668.

This signifies that they have diligently met the requirements and standards established by TDLR to offer continuing education courses tailored for electricians in Texas.

Students can confidently rely on the courses provided by this institution to satisfy their continuing education.

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